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Is it safe to scratch it?

I’ve recently moved into our new home in Geelong, and nearby we have a park that our kids have dubbed “Mozzie Park” ¬– and for good reason. It’s full of mosquitoes. Massive, hungry ones.

Funny park names aside, I’ve also been reminded that my daughter is actually allergic to mozzies. Not like she gets a bit itchy. I’m talking waking up with a swollen eye because a mozzie took a nibble in the night.

The thing about mozzie bites is that they itch like crazy, and scratching that itch is so satisfying!

The downside of scratching them is that it usually makes it worse and they can get infected.

We’ve all been there – we’ve had an itch that just needed scratching but once we did it bled, stung and then maybe even got infected.

Ever heard the saying “once bitten, twice shy”? Well, seemingly not for me. I’ve been bitten many times and yet I keep scratching. I think I have it sorted and before I know it, I’ve been bitten again!

I’ve had my fair share of dud investments and my fair share of wins too.

With those wins they usually have the same thing in common.

I avoided the scratch when I was itchy.

So what’s got you itchy right now?

Is it that slice of chocolate cake despite the diet you started an hour ago?

Or is it that you must buy a property right now because (insert justification here)?

Side note: It’s worth mentioning here that as your broker I have a financial interest in you buying more property BUT my moral compass is stronger than my aspirations for financial gain.

Thus, I would NEVER put Fidget’s financial gain before a favourable outcome for you and your family. Ever.

Our top 3 people values within Fidget are:

1. Honest Advisors with;

2. A Servant Heart who are;

3. Self-Actualising Experts in our field

Now that we have gotten that out of the way…

The thing about purchasing a property is it’s a long term decision. This is something you need to remember before you take the next step AND there’s plenty of reasons to buy another property, but you should never rush into it.

I am very good at working out the true cost of something before purchasing (hello Tesla spreadsheet), AND if you want to talk through your property ownership decision with me, I’d love to help.

Back to the itch analogy, did you know that you are more likely to die from the infection than the bite?

So, now that you’ve established you are itchy you need to look at the whole picture and have all the facts so you can make a truly smart decision. Maybe you scratch. Maybe you don’t. But one thing is for sure, if you do, I’ll make sure you have clean nails first.


Are you ready to scratch that itch? Let’s talk! Book in a free 15 minute consultation

here and let’s make it happen.


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