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The Nomad broker?

Last weekend I went camping with my family and was struck at how many nice tents, gazebos, caravans, cars and camp trailers there was. All seemed to be better than my setup.

The thing is my setup is more than adequate. We stay in a tent but it’s big, dry and even has lights!

But adequate wasn’t enough… I came back wanting to upgrade from the tent to a camper trailer.

One day I will no doubt want to upgrade from the trailer to a caravan and then caravan to God knows what? End game of becoming a nomad?

The Nomad Broker… Quick trademark it.

For those few days Where I lived was fantastic, Who I lived near was even better and although adequate What I lived in was bothering me.

Have you been thinking about an upgrade to what you live in lately? Is your family growing like mine? Do you want to upgrade your property through renovations? Or maybe you want a camp trailer 😉

When I came up with the name Fidget it was because I am a restless dreamer and always looking for improvements in literally everything.

I saw many of my clients fell into the same boat.

I’d often get asked about whether they could get funding for something bigger or better.

“Can I move house or lender?”

“Can I get a loan to renovate my home?”

“Can I buy an(other) investment property to aide in retirement?”

“Can I refinance to a better deal and get rid of this debt quicker?”

The answer is quite often the same. Yes, yes you can.

However the real question is: What is the cost? AND quite often, as in the case of my trailer, it’s not always financial.

I don’t need to upgrade. Adequate is adequate. I want to upgrade.

Because an upgrade from a tent would better suit my growing family and provide more comfort (for me and my back)!

It does come at a cost and that’s something that I’ll need to calculate. Before I can do that I need to know what I want, the real cost and if I can afford/justify it.

All of which I will know after visiting the Geelong Caravan Expo this weekend so pray for me and my wallet.

I’ll leave you with this Leeism:

Where we live is as important as what we live in and who we live near.

Have a think about that and let me know if you want to spitball anything. I’m all ears!

Whether you’re a homeowner, investor, or have a dream of one day owning a property you can actually afford, I have your back. Book an obligation free chat with me here and let’s make it happen.

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