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What’s Your Problem?

I am a problem solver. I love people, I love solving puzzles and I’m great with finance (and structuring), so thought becoming a broker made a lot of sense. What better way of being able to help people than to use my passions and gifting in solving puzzles (aka problems)?

I obsess over it. I will give you some examples.

Last year I went to the Gold Coast with a colleague for a conference. It took us 1.5hrs to get in despite being 30mins early for the first session. The check in line went so far that it spilled out onto the street and the police actually came in to talk to the organisers. There were thousands of people behind me still and most not as gracious.

When I finally got to the front, I noticed that the poor (very young) staff at the front desk were beyond stressed. I realised that the name cards that went in the lanyards were in alphabetical order – but only by letter in a box! So A was in a pile with all the other As. Beyond that there was no order whatsoever. Given my friend’s surname was a different letter, he was in a shorter line to me. Once he had collected his lanyard, he went into the auditorium to grab us a seat.

There was 10,000 people at this conference, and a lot of chaos. So, I jumped behind the desk and took control of the sorting! I assembled a small team of attendees to help. We put every box in alphabetical order – not just by letter, but the subsequent letters too. Once we had these boxes in order the line flowed so much better. I missed the first session, but it was worth it.

I love puzzles so much, I dressed as a Rubiks cube. True story.

I felt so accomplished helping people. I removed the stress from both the attendees and the staff, and this made it worth it even if it meant I missed a session myself. The reason I am telling you is this is that I LOVED doing that. More than my words can express.

Just this month I had a client who bought a vacant block of land that was supposed to title after he sold his investment properties. Problem was that the land titled before he could sell any…AND we only had 2 weeks to get a loan approved and a settlement done. No bueno indeed.

Solution? We found him a specialist lender to assist for a loan for a few months, meaning he kept his $20,000 deposit, settled on the land and doesn’t have to rush and accept low offers on his properties.

I guess what I am getting at is you should never feel that any question or problem is too much to run past me. By giving me a lending problem to solve, you are actually doing more for me than you’ll know. I love this stuff.

So… what’s your problem? Let’s find the solution together.


Do you have an unsolvable financial problem? Lee and the team at Fidget are here to find a solution. And as an independent broker, we don’t charge any fees! Book in a free 15 minute consultation here and let’s make it happen.


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