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Why Use Fidget Money

Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. I bet you spent at least a few minutes comparing brands and deliberating on which products offered the best value for money. If we expect that level of choice in our supermarkets, why wouldn’t we expect the same from our home loans?

Why Use Fidget Money?

  1. Communicate directly and frequently using our client portal, with flexibility to suit your needs.

  2. Have a very high loan acceptance rate (greater than 95% compared to 60% dealing directly with financial institutions)

  3. Don’t charge you a fee on any home loan as the banks pay us!

  4. Supply you additional information (property report, access to credit files) at no extra cost so you can make the best decision

  5. Have a very high approval rating among our customers and Australia’s highest rated broker on Hashching website

  6. Have secured over $100 million in loans for our satisfied customers

  7. Were voted Australia’s #1 mortgage broker in the Young Gun Category for 2017

  8. Independent broker not bound to any institution or owned by a bank

  9. Provide tailored loans specifically for your unique situation

  10. Basically, we are good, honest people who care about giving you a positive outcome and are proud to deliver on that every single time.

So are you feeling like it’s a good time to Fidget Money? We believe so too!


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