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The RBA has paused… and Thank You

You can breathe a ‘little’ bit easier this Christmas as the RBA has paused rates until February!

Ho ho ho and all that…

On the topic of interest rates, a few lenders have been putting up theirs for new applications. This makes it not only harder to make payments, but harder to even get a loan in the first place, leading to a rise in “liar loans” (it’s a thing).

Obviously we don’t lie at Fidget. Turns out you don’t need to if you know which lender’s policy will work for your client’s actual situation. We know this because of our thousands of loans of experience. Don’t go direct to your bank. Don’t make it harder on yourself.

13 interest rate rises in a row means much much higher repayments and many household are struggling. Has your family been getting squeezed? Is tightened Christmas spending a topic of conversation around your table too?

This past week I made the trip to St Mary’s House Of Welcome, to collect some gingerbread houses and saw first hand the great work they are doing to support the disadvantaged people experiencing homelessness in our city.

On the way home I had time to reflect on what I just saw. Hundreds of people, doing it tougher than me (and probably you). They were lined up for something we take for granted. Food and a roof over their head.

I noticed at SMHOW the seemingly hopeless were not hopeless at all. They had hope because someone had their back. Someone at some time stopped to see if they could help. And help they did.

The first step on their journey to getting help was to recognise where they were at (not hard) and then ask for help.

So in the lead-up to this Christmas I just want you to know this…

What you are experiencing in your household finances right now sucks a lot, but there is someone out there who can assist. You are not alone.

You just need to know where you are at,

Don’t lie to yourself.

And then if you need help please ask someone who can.

If it’s home lending advice, I got you.

If it’s unrelated to home lending I can try find you the help you need.

Helping is in my DNA and the DNA of all of us at Fidget.

At Fidget we live to serve not to be served.

Will check back in with more lending and property news in a couple weeks.

Serious note aside, thank you to those of you who actively referred clients in the past week.

As an update, due to those referrals we have managed to also be able to provide 200 lunches and clothe 8 kids for a WHOLE YEAR! And we have a whole lot more love to give. Keep those referrals coming through to December 31 and we will continue to support Eat Up Australia and Geelong Mums. More details about all that here.

Thank you!

– Lee

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