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Structure and Discipline 

A few years ago, I did some work with the Geelong Falcons. It’s a football club with a rich history of developing future AFL (Australian Football League) stars such as Gary Ablett, Joel Selwood, Luke Hodge and Sam Walsh to name a few. One thing that stuck with me from my time there, is how much they spoke about “structure”.  It’s not enough to be skilled and courageous. It takes discipline to follow a well-defined structure during an intense game of footy.

In AFL there is a forwards coach, a midfield coach, a defensive coach, even a ruck coach. And at the breaks the players would join their respective coach to discuss their specific roles and get feedback before each group will then join the rest of the team prior to getting back out there. This is because each role has a completely different responsibility on the field, BUT the game can only be won if each department works together and carries out their common structure. When one line breaks down the others usually follow. This takes discipline from players and great coaching. 

This weekend when the siren goes for full time at the MCG, it’ll be either the #1 ranked Magpies or the #2 ranked Lions holding the Premiership Cup. But there was only 1 win between them all year! So, make no mistake, the premiers won’t be the team with the most skilful players but rather the team that has the best structures/coaching AND the discipline to carry them out on the day.

We’ve all heard the adage about how a champion team would always beat a team of champions, right? Because skill definitely counts, but it matters little if the team won’t follow a structure and all 18 players don’t work together.

When things change on the weekend, take note of how their structure changes too. More men forward, more back, holding the ball up, switching sides and regardless the whole team will need to be on board with whatever that is. Therefore, to reiterate, the team who will win is whoever has the correct structure at the right time, carried out with discipline even when things get tough. Because it’s a line ball on skill alone.

I might be too old to get a kick on any given weekend, but I do know structure. And when it comes to home loans, I live and breathe it. I have restructured so many loans because someone received terrible advice from a previous banker (or broker) and couldn’t work out why they were not winning. By restructure I don’t mean lower interest rates, I mean the correct loan splits, amounts, loan types and lenders. There is much more to it – just like there is more to footy than trying to kick a ball through the big sticks.

Chances are if you haven’t even thought about if you’re on the correct structure, then you probably aren’t. Want yours reviewed? Let’s do that. Book a quick phone chat here:

And until we chat just know this. As a Bombers fan this breaks my heart to say BUT…I am pretty confident that the Pies will win this weekend. Not because I am some footy tipping savant but because the they have proven time and time again they are disciplined enough to follow a winning structure when the game is on the line. They get the job done late in games more times than I can count, and their structure is solid.

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