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Record-low interest rates drive a surge in home loan activity

There has been a massive increase in home loan borrowing over the past year, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Australians took out $22.5 billion of mortgages in September – a 25.5% jump on the year before. That included increases of:

  1. 33.8% for owner-occupiers

  2. 4.2% for investors

There was also a massive increase in first home buyer activity among owner-occupiers.

First home buyers took out 13,569 loans in September. That was not only up 45.5% on the year before, but was also the highest figure in 11 years.

The surge in borrowing comes as no surprise – interest rates are at record-low levels. And with governments around Australia providing assistance for first home buyers, it’s no surprise to see so many younger buyers entering the market.


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