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March 2020 Newsletter: Have I told you lately that I love you?

Have I told you lately that I love you?

It’s rhetorical. I know I haven’t… and I’m sorry.

Personal sharing time. Bear with me. We will get to mortgage news in just sec (2.49% rates, RBA, Cashbacks etc etc).

Late last year I hit a wall. I had a new baby (well, Jess did) and my daughter turned 2.

Then my father passed away and I had to handle his estate (sorting out his home, his drawers and his bills).

Our business was going amazing. We were getting rave reviews and everything was going well. As a result I was working loads of hours.

I felt so full, but yet so empty and I suffered what you might refer to as burnout.

Thank God our new gun broker James was able to take the reigns and allow me a month off in January.

I spent time with my family. Not quite pina coladas, a hammock and palm trees but a break nonetheless, where I was able to spend (proper/quality) time with them, join a yoga studio and catchup with friends.

During that break this is what I learned.

The stuff in my life doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things. It really doesn’t.

What matters is my health and my relationships. Yours too.

You matter, to more people than you know. So you best keep yourself well.

And before we talk mortgages, you need to know that you matter to us (at Fidget) and to me.

You are either a member of our database or a current client and both of which I am grateful for. So thank you. Your support and loyalty means the absolute world to us and with more brokers at Fidget now and new admin support you won’t have to worry about overloading us at all.

We have more resources than ever and we appreciate you continuing to use us.

My time away also got me thinking… Nobody really wants a mortgage. They want a house. A house to share with their loved ones and feel safe and secure.

Our industry (and nation) have been focusing on the wrong things. Interest rates, coronavirus, Donald Trump’s hair and yet the only reason we focus on any of it is that it may affect the quality of our lifestyle and relationships.

Following the RBA cutting rates again the other day we are now seeing interest rates in the 2.4s (not a typo), which is nice, but what it really means is that you could potentially save thousands of dollars per year in interest and years off your mortgage. You could also get $4000+ of cashbacks for refinancing! Both of these outcomes will improve your life. No more mortgage means time with more time with loved ones or doing what makes you happy.

Well, if you haven’t guessed it by now, the intention of this email was to get you thinking. To re-evaluate what really matters. Sure, rates are at historical lows and that means lower repayments but how will that benefit you, your relationships or your health? Only you can answer that one and I implore you to do so.

We would love nothing more than to assist you with lowering those home loan costs and/or helping you achieve the purchase of the home of your dreams. All that requires is you reaching out below.

Please let me know if we can help, even if that’s just as simple as chat to say hi as we do value you, we do want to help and we do love you being a supporter of Fidget.

So thanks 😊



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