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March 2019 Newsletter

Hi Lee,

First things first, some exciting news!

Thanks to the amazing teams from Milkable and Crackling Media our NEW website is now up and running so go check it out here.

I’ve also been busy training our new chatbot so stay tuned for that next month 🙂

While most mortgage broker businesses are retracting and calling doomsday (because the Labor party wants us to fold and for you to be forced to go a Big 4 branch for a home loan – not joking), we at Fidget Money are investing in creating a better experience for our clients.

I also just want to go on record, in case the increased social media activity and new website didn’t say it for us, that Fidget Money is here to stay.

The reason I started Fidget Money is because I wanted to make the home loan process much simpler, faster, transparent and reliable.

I wanted people to have a team of professionals in their corner that really cared about making a positive difference in your life and anyone looking to obtain a home loan, or advice on one.

We are a team of high-touch and high-quality communicators.

I feel that we have been extremely successful on this front and am very proud of how far we have come but despite all the noise out there, my mission hasn’t changed.

Fidget Money will be here to stay. We will still be in your corner still and help make your move simpler and quicker than ever before.

Now, onto some news…

This past month has seen politicians using our industry as political pawns and they have also announced some really serious stuff around negative gearing in particular.

It’s no secret that if Labor gets in they intend on scrapping negative gearing, as we know it.

Investors are worried.

First Home Buyers are perhaps delighted because it might make housing more affordable for them…

BUT a crash in house prices isn’t necessarily a good outcome for Australia.

If negative gearing is scrapped not only will the house prices drop (sorry people who own property already) but it will also make it more costly for someone to hold an investment property (given no negative gearing tax benefits).

So, if you are renting, stop and think what might happen when it’s more expensive for an investor to hold onto their property…

Yep, you guessed it. Rents. Go. Up.

I’m an investor and that’s my intention on future purchases. Rents will need to go up.

If there is no room to put rents up to a reasonable level, I’ll just not buy.

Not buying means less demand.

Less demand means house prices come down but then there will also be less rental properties on the market.

This means rents will suffer tighter supply and therefore rents will go up.

How are you going to go saving for your house deposit when rents have gone up even more?

Renters will lose. Property owners will lose. The last time we messed with negative gearing it didn’t take long before the government freaked out and reversed their decision…

Let’s hope it doesn’t even come to that.

Just my two cents and some food for thought.

Lastly, below I want to share with you three topics that you’ll need to know about in the coming months.

As always, I’m eager to have a chat if you or someone you know needs any help with a home loan.


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