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Least annoying broker

This would have to be the least annoying blog ever, right?

I mean, since we’ve moved our team from Loan Market (6 months ago) to create our very own brand, “Fidget Money”, we have not sent you anything.

Some of you are grateful for this, whilst others are saddened.

Hopefully this email pleases both of you… There’s a few bits of info here so please invest 2 mins to read through it.

OK, so let’s get the rate discussion out of the way…

The Reserve Bank left rates on hold again and you’d have to be living under a rock to not know that, although I don’t blame you for not caring.

You shouldn’t care just yet either, as there might be another year to run, however I went to a property seminar the other day where the much trusted/respected presenter had analysed some data which shows thateven a 1.1% rate rise would have an effect on household budgets similar to the days when 17-18% rates were a real thing (in the early 90s – ask your folks)!

So, what are you going to do about it? Fix your rate? Put off buying? Build up a cash buffer?

Whatever you choose, just know that now is the time to prepare.

You know what they say, “if you fail to plan, well, you plan to pay more interest and take longer to pay off your home than necessary and your kids might get skinny”, or something like that.

Rates of 3.59% are not unheard of right now… Get in touch with us to chat about that. Do it.

Yep, there is a Royal Commission under way into banking. Brokers are in the spotlight a bit. I actually welcome it. It has meant that even more people are looking into the role of a broker and with nearly 60% of people using one instead of going direct to a bank, I think the public has spoken and continues to do so.

We work hard. We problem solve and serve people day in day out. We are extremely proud that you can lean on us to give you an honest, upfront and unbiased approach to lending. Well, at least the good ones of us do that anyway!

Website of the month = MeBank’s School Of Money (“Ed”)

What an awesome idea and website…

Go check out it out via this link.

New Recruits!

Over these past few months we were lucky enough to welcome two superstars to the team at Fidget Money.

Ash, our Broker Support and Cass as our Client Service Manager. Welcome guys!

This has allowed us to refine our processes and better serve you all, as well as your friends and family.

On that note, thank you from the bottom of my heart for those of you who go out of your way to refer us to your friends and family. It truly means the world…

Do you know someone who needs (or should use) our help?

Please contact us to refer them. We will take care of the rest 😊

Car Upgrade?

We have also been busy working on new partnerships with a major car financier and car dealer group.

If you are even remotely thinking about getting a new car then, given I personally have 13 years of experience in this field, get in touch with me ASAP.

There you have it. A few months of updates, rolled into one.

Until next month, thanks again for your support & we sincerely wish you all the best,

Lee & the team @ Fidget Money

Ph: 0401 272 505

P.S We were also humbled to be a finalist in the Better Business Awards recently – Community Engagement category and are honoured to be able to re-invest in our community and to serve those in need.


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