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Is Property Investment Right for You?

There are three main reasons people invest in property.

Capital Growth

Simply put, this is how much the value of your property will increase over time. This isn’t something that happens overnight so be prepared to hold onto the property for a few years if you want to see significant growth.

Rental & Investment Yield

This is the amount of profit you make from rent after you deduct expenses such as upkeep and taxes. Rent prices in Australia are sky-high right now so you can expect excellent returns.


There are plenty of ways to save on your tax bill if you invest in property. You can claim expenses such as renovations and capitalise on negative gearing by offsetting any losses you incur on your property against your taxable income. Talk to Fidget about the financial benefits of investing. Give Lee a call on 0401 272 505 or email to schedule an obligation-free initial consultation.


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