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I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more…

Do you ever dream that one day you’ll leave your current life behind and end up in a beautiful new environment, full of opportunity and nailing all of your ambitions, goals and wildest dreams?

But next thing you know you’re trapped in a tornado, with a wicked witch following you on her pushie and all you end up getting is dizzy and a pair of second-hand shoes?

Yeh me too…

I know that’s unlikely to happen to you (or is it?) but too often I see people wanting amazing things and for their life to change yet they have no plans about a) where they are going or b) how they are going to get there.

They just seem to expect to be picked up one day in the breeze and land their dream (job, car, house, life, partner). Sometimes if you’re in the wrong spot though, life chucks a tornado in, so you better be prepared. There’s a big distinction between a dream and a goal. Namely, a goal is something which you can map out and know when/if you’re making progress towards it and a dream is exactly as described above…

Without a goal attached to a dream, it’s a “wish” at best.

As promised in my opening line here’s a way you can get your it together AND best of all, it’s FREE (you’re welcome). Monefly, is a FREE wealth management tool that can help you keep track of where you’re at financially and how you’re going towards your goals. Check out this short video and then register HERE to take control of your finances, see your net asset position and more.

I’m using it and I love that each month I can see where I am at financially (with auto updated property values, bank balances, keep track of my spending and more)

I also want to share with you a great blog post from my friend Jason Staggers, from, whereby he explores whether there is ‘more downside to come’ and updates us on the national market. I couldnt have written it better myself, so I didn’t. Click here and read it. Do it.

Lastly, thanks again for your support and to all those who are diligently referring their friends and family to us. We so appreciate it, from the bottom of our heart and won’t let them (or you) down.

Best wishes for the month ahead and for setting some actionable goals so you can ride out the storm and not get caught in a tornado and be able to buy your own shoes…

As always, get in touch with us if you need us to look at your options.

Until then, keep (get) it together

Lee 🙂


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