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Do I Really Need a Conveyancer?

After attending a million inspections, scanning countless websites and being introduced to more agents than you can bear to think about, you’ve finally found your dream home.

It’s been worth every minute and you can’t wait to start moving in. Unfortunately, that’s when the less exciting, more paperwork part begins.

Buying property is a huge undertaking and as such, there are some fairly stringent legalities that you have to consider. Since most of us aren’t fluent in property law, it’s advisable to get someone who is, to help you navigate the process.

A conveyancer will:

  1. Prepare and lodge your contract and accompanying legal documents

  2. Thoroughly check the history of the property and its certificate of title

  3. Act on your behalf with a vendor or agent

  4. Handle your deposit

  5. Ensure your rates and taxes are correct

  6. Act as your representative through settlement

If you would like us to help you find a conveyancer that is right for you, give us a call on 0401 272 505 or email to schedule an obligation-free initial consultation.


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