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Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

Remember back in the day when you got detention and during this time you were forced to think about your actions? You were perhaps encouraged to write lines or write an essay.

But all you ended up doing was throwing paper at the other kids, talking and causing more problems for yourself? (Or was that just me?)

OK, how about this one…? You, or someone you know, gets a health scare (call it your alarm clock, if you will) and you make all the plans to make changes but then life gets in the way (you hit snooze) and you go back to your old, comfortable ways.

My message to you (and I) today, is simple.

Get. Out. Of. Bed.

Look in the mirror and address where you are really at. Have an honest chat about where you are and where you are going if this trajectory continues.

With the lockdown currently under way and restrictions soon to be eased, if somewhat only slightly, this is your chance to really take stock of where you are at and to then make changes that will last you beyond the next few weeks.

I’m not going to bore you with the usual goal setting jargon, as if I’m being honest, I am no good at sticking to either.

What I want to talk to you about today is your financial health.

Financial health is not just about money. It’s about time. You go to work to get money, to buy some things you need/want, give some away and hopefully invest some too, in order to build up a nest egg that gives you options for one day when you choose to retire and spend your time doing what you want to do.

At Fidget when we review someone’s home loan we always take the view that when we save them $ in interest, it’s not just about a $300 per month saving, but rather ponder what they are going to do with that $300.

Are they going to keep paying the same payments and pay their loan off 5 years earlier?

Are they going to spend some of the $300 on investing?

Or maybe they are buying a new boat, so they can spend more time with their friends or family on weekends.

Whatever it is, it’s not just about money. It’s about time. Surely you want more of that!

Not many people get a kick by reviewing their finances but let’s look at the lockdown time as our detention. We can either be distracted or we can get deep in thought and create some actions around how we won’t end up in this same place, ever again.

So, tomorrow, when we get out of bed, this is what I suggest you CHECK:

1. What do you OWN (value of bank balances, super balances, property, cars etc)

2. What do you OWE (home loans, car/personal loans, credit cards etc)

3. How can increase what you OWN? (more income, less needless spending, invest, review household expenses)

4. How can you decrease what you OWE? (refinance to a better deal, redirect assets from point #2 above)

5. CHECK-IN with us if you need assistance on rearranging your debts, even if it’s just a chat about the above, at no obligation

Lastly, you should be proud of taking action on this and I sincerely mean this when I say I want to help you on this journey. Get in touch with me to have a chat, even if it’s to share detention stories.


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