Client Portal

The Fidget Client Portal is where we store all the information related to your file that we are currently working on.

Our portal is very intuitive and user-friendly. Follow simple steps to fill in your essential details as you go along.

You can view the latest status updates and notes, view and modify information related to your profile and upload any relevant documents required to process your file.

Our portal is designed to work on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to assist us in easily and efficiently processing your file.


Your personal information is protected using the latest 256bit TLS encryption. Just another reason to use Fidget to make the loan process so much easier for you.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get fidgeting!

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7 May 2020

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

Remember back in the day when you got detention and during this time you were

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7 May 2020

Property investors turning from units to houses

Investors are now favouring houses over units, according to a study of 4,000 investment properties

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7 May 2020

Tax office delivers warning to investors

Last year, the ATO found that 90% of deductions made by property investors contained errors,

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