The easier option

At Fidget Money, we exist to make your whole refinancing or home buying process easier for you.

Born in 2017, but in the makings for 13 years, Fidget Money is an agile team of highly experienced professionals that put your needs first.

Think of Fidget Money as your stress ball.

We’re the conduit between you and over 40 lenders; your wealth of knowledge and your hand-holding friends (not in a creepy way).

We’re different

At Fidget Money, it’s not just about putting you in touch with someone who will lend you money. Our Fidget team exists to make your refinancing or home buying process a smoother experience.

We’re multiple-award-winners

Our nationally-award-winning mortgage broker is here to help explain your lender options and pick an awesome loan structure, along with our guru support team handling your loan application from start to finish.

We’ve been in your shoes

As we are all property owners, Fidget Money have been in your shoes and we understand what you’re going through when looking at the home buying and home lending maze. It can be a clunky and daunting experience.

Our founder

Late nights, lots of coffee and over 2000 loan applications later, our founder Lee Wisniewski thinks he’s close to nailing it. Our whole team’s purpose is to make things as simple as possible.

Innovative technology and processes

Fidget Money use innovative technology, clear communication and a whiz-bang crew of staff and professional networks.

See for yourself

So, come see for yourself and get in touch today for your next home purchase or refinance. We can’t wait to show you what we mean 😊

What are you waiting for? Let’s get fidgeting!

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