The easier option

At Fidget JP Partners, we exist to make your whole refinancing or home buying process easier for you.

Born in 2017, but in the makings for 13 years, Fidget JP Partners is an agile team of highly experienced professionals that put your needs first.

Think of Fidget JP Partners as your stress ball.

We’re the conduit between you and over 40 lenders; your wealth of knowledge and your hand-holding friends (not in a creepy way).

We’re different

At Fidget JP Partners, it’s not just about putting you in touch with someone who will lend you money. Our Fidget mortgage brokerage team exists to make your refinancing or home buying process a smoother experience.

We’re multiple-award-winners

Our nationally-award-winning mortgage brokerage is here to help explain your lender options and pick an awesome loan structure, along with our guru support team handling your loan application from start to finish.

We’ve been in your shoes

As we are all property owners, Fidget JP Partners have been in your shoes and we understand what you’re going through when looking at the home buying and home lending maze. It can be a clunky and daunting experience.

Lee Wisniewski

Founder & CEO

Australian Mortgage Awards winner and founder of Fidget, Lee has now assisted more than 2000 people to get a loan and/or protect themselves against unforeseen life-changing events!

Following emergency brain surgery in 2008 he discovered his purpose in life, which is to empower people to make significant positive changes in their lives and the generations to follow. Lee has always had a genuine passion for property & as an avid property investor himself (with more than 5 property deals under his belt by his 30th birthday) he discovered that property is truly a vehicle for someone to be able to make those positive changes in their own lives.

So, fusing his passion for property, with over 13 years of lending experience, becoming an industry leading broker was a natural choice. He has a true knack for explaining complex things simply and has hundreds of 5 star reviews from people who say just that. Always learning and sharing we are very proud of Lee and look forward to showing you what all the fuss is about!

Paul Lewis

Director, Broker, Financial Advisor – JP Partners

Paul has been helping people for over three decades and still hasn’t burnt out.

He has amassed over 33 years experience across multiple sectors of the Financial Services industry, holds a Financial Planning license and has a depth of experience and understanding which goes well beyond the scope of a regular Mortgage Broker.

The world of finance can be confusing for some, even overwhelming. Paul has the ability to work his experience and knowledge to your needs and deliver easy to understand solutions. Put simply, he’ll tell you what you can do, how you can do it and get it done for you.

Oh, and he loves answering questions… fire away!

John Waters

Director, Broker, Financial Advisor – JP Partners

John has also been helping people over three decades without burning himself to a crisp.

With an unwavering focus on his clients and strong work ethic, John makes everything seem easy and effortless (spoiler, it’s not!).

His Financial Planning experience enables him to see beyond the immediate need to provide a holistic approach to your goals. He is one of the hardest working professionals in the industry and never fails his clients.

Experienced, seasoned and consistent…. simply the best.

Simon Dalgleish

Broker, Insurance Consultant – JP Partners

Simon is an experienced and well-rounded finance broker and insurance specialist. He was a IPA accountant in a previous life, so has a very strong attention to detail.

The JP Partner’s ‘client first’ focus is in his DNA. With a relentless focus on getting the job done, Simon burns the midnight oil on a regular basis ….. don’t be surprised to get an email from him with a timestamp of 1am.

Very capable, hard working and gets the job done…’re in good hands.

Stacey Hammond

Loan Processor

The glue that keeps us together, Stacey handles your application from
submission right through to settlement. With many years of experience she has submitted literally hundreds of loans. If you use a broker to take the stress out of dealing with lenders directly yourself, imagine Stacey’s average day (and the countless hours listening to hold music).

Surprisingly though, no bumps from banging her head against a wall, day in
day out. Miracle… Stacey is your conduit between you and the lenders and will make sure your application sails through to loan approval and then settlement. And as a mother of 3 little ones don’t be surprised to get emails at ungodly hours. She is a true rare gem and we look forward to showcasing her skills on your application too.

Arjit Virk

Admin Support – JP Partners

Ajit is the backbone of the JP mortgage broking operation. He is probably the hardest working man we’ve ever seen.

Ajit makes sure that all the loan applications are entered, vetted, correct, submitted, followed up, documented, booked and settled. He is an entire engine room in his own right. Whilst not the only administrative support in our business, he would be impossible to replace.

Diligent, focused, sharp as a tack and a hell of a nice guy…..we’re lucky to have him!

See for yourself

So, come see for yourself and get in touch today for your next home purchase or refinance. We can’t wait to show you what we mean 😊

What are you waiting for? Let’s get fidgeting!

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