7 Reasons to Review Your Current Home Loan Structure

Are you feeling the pinch of rising interest rates? If you’re one of the smart ones you’d be considering restructuring now, before the banks put their rates up in the next couple of weeks and potentially make it tougher to get a refinance done at all. By restructuring you are not only looking into the current interest rates vs what’s on offer BUT you could also be accessing some buffers to allow you to weather this storm.

Here’s some reasons you should consider reviewing your current home loan structure:

1) Your rate could be better. This would mean lower payments.
2) You have some debts you want to consolidate. This would mean lower payments.
3) You have investment properties. You may not need to sell right now (see video below).
4) You have a big expense coming up that will drain any buffer you might have saved.
5) You are on maternity leave and need the buffer.
6) You are just generally worried and accessing some equity as just in case money might help you sleep better…
7) You want some equity released to be ready to pounce on your next investment property when market conditions are just right (might not be too far away).

Are you ready to refinance? Let’s talk! Book in a free 15 minute consultation here and let’s make it happen.



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