It pays to fidget.

We do money. Well, we help you borrow it anyway.
Our mortgage brokers are the best in the industry. Contact us today.

What do we do?

Mortgage Brokerage


Everybody wants a home but no one wants a home “loan”. Right? Our National Award winning brokers help people not only get into the home of their dreams but to move lenders when it makes sense to! A slick process, a bucket of relevant experience and some genuinely good folks on the team.

Fidget Money - Lee Wisniewski


This is truly our specialty. We help people move. It's in the name and it's who we are. Give us 1hr and we could save you a few years from paying a home loan. Test us. We love this stuff


So you want to buy a place? Let us hold your hand through that process. What can be a stressful time can be made smoother by engaging the right professionals. Who wants to be dealing with banks when you have a home to buy, right? Check out our customer testimonials to see how others found their experience with Fidget.

Access to thousands of loan products

AND... We negotiate with the banks on your behalf – so you don’t have to. Oh and we also get paid by the lenders which means you won't pay for our service at all. Don't worry the banks can afford it.

Think of us as your stress ball.

Fidget act as the conduit between you and over 40 banks and lenders. And yes, we’re on your side.

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